Say My Name, Bitch

“Say my name, bitch!” is a line from American Pie (delivered brilliantly by Alyson Hannigan) that stays with most people who have seen the movie. “Say my name” – with or without the bitch – is also the title of several popular songs. Now, as if making a further evolutionary leap, it’s the title of this post here at Hot Married Sex.

Married couples tend to call each other lots of different names when having hot sex and even not-so-hot sex. The names range from the gentle babe, honey, love and sweetheart (I’ll stop there before I need a bucket) to the much more intense bastard, bitch and slut. But the most powerful name you can call your partner isn’t any of these. No, the one that works the most magic is so close to home that most of us forget to use it. I am referring, of course, to their Christian name.

What often happens in a marriage is that we get so used to being with our husband or wife that they become, to a great extent, a part of us. This makes for a very comfortable relationship, but it also has its downsides. One downside is that we forget to tell them how much we really care about them (“She should know that by now, dammit!”). Another is that it can make it easier for us to take them for granted. And a third is that we forget to connect directly with them when making love, fucking, having hot sex or whatever else you want to call it.

Imagine how you would feel if, the next time your partner approaches orgasm, they were to look right into your eyes and moan, gasp or scream your real name before finally allowing themselves to be enveloped by their climax. The chances are that hearing them say your name instead of “God!”, “Yes!” or “Yeah Baby!” would have a pretty big impact on you. You’d feel a more intense connection, a greater sense of satisfaction and a more profound feeling of the hot sex having some real meaning.

If you agree with any of that, your homework for the next time you have hot sex is simple: give your husband or wife those incredible feelings by using their real name. Don’t repeat their name throughout the session so that you sound like you’re trying to sell them something, but do be sure to connect with them in this way as you reach your orgasm. It’s a very simple idea, but most people find that it’s a very powerful one.

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